D03 IP with DECT PABX System 網路無線交換系統
OpenCom 1010
 Extending the OpenCom 1000-range

Wireless PBX with VoIP

OpenCom 1010 provides a complete platform-spectrum for telephony- and computer integration for enabling you with a tailormade solution. 

OpenCom 1010 is the new universal communication exchange that embodies several vertical market solutions suited for all ways of communication means. The assortment of diversely specified telephone equipment, ranging from analogue up to cordless- or IP phones, always offers you the ideal access to data- and voice communication.

OC1010 Structure1

OC1010 Feature

The individual vertical market solutions are, in connection with OpenCom 1010, the perfect answer to all your communication requirements. The existing interfaces and the upgrade options are the platform for fully facilitating your future needs.


Modular design

12 slots for trunk- or subscriber interfaces

Main line access cards


BRA, 8 ports, all switchable internal / external

Analogue main line accesses  (alternatively 4 or 8 ports)

Subscriber cards

Analogue 8 ports - for legacy terminals, G3-Fax, etc.

BRI 8 ports, all switchable internal / external - for ISDN-phones, PC-cards, Unified Messaging systems, etc.

UPN 8 digital ports, for wired system phones 

UPN 8 digital ports, for supporting DECT-base stations and DECT-system phones

Convergent cards

Gateway module for transmitting VoIP-calls to switched network and vice versa

Router-module for using PRI- and BRA LL (leased lines) for mixed data- and telephony exchange between different locations with variable bandwidth allocation (available with rel. 3.1)



IP telephony with system functionality

CTI functionality with V.24-, Ethernet-LAN- or BRI

Multifold usable CTI applications




Complete vertical market solutions for

Call centers: OpenCallCenter

Hospitals: OpenMed

Nursing homes: OpenCare

Call logging: OpenCount

Hotels: solutions with compatible terminals for guest Internet access

Several switchboard telephones connectable

DECT system with full integration of teams or for parallel usage of wired- and wireless phones

Up to 128 users with one rack

Cascadable to 256 users



Standard phone OpenPhone 61

Team terminal OpenPhone 63 and OpenPhone 63 IP

Comfort terminal OpenPhone 65 and OpenPhone 65 IP (available Rel. 3.1)

Additional keyboard for OpenPhone 65 with 3x10 name- or functional keys

Radio base station RFP 21 for DECT support

Outdoor radio base station RFP 23 for external antennas

Cordless DECT systemphone OpenPhone 25

USB Dect-Box for cordless PC-access

 Technical Data

Width: 483 mm

 Height: 94 mm

 Depth: 261mm

 Mounted in 19“-rack, 5HU

 All accesses via RJ-45-jacks on the front panel

 Direct line connection via patch cable

 No system cable and separate buffer required


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